Who’s the Boss?

Note: This article was first posted on the Vancouver Business Journal website and can be viewed here.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and started working in my parent’s family-owned bookkeeping business when I was 13 years old. Throughout my professional career, I have worked in a number of family owned businesses; some have been wonderful experiences, and some have been trainwrecks. I have learned some things along the way.

Over the many years we have owned and operated Westby Associates, Inc., I have been asked what it’s like owning and working alongside my husband on a daily basis. How is it possible to own a business with your significant other while maintaining a healthy relationship? Who’s the boss? How are you still married? Are you always talking about work? I can tell you that after 18 years of owning our consulting business, we are still happily married after 20 years. How is this possible? We are committed to making it work and, of course, we have some tried and true rules we live by.

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