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Board Development & Staff Training

It’s all about the people!

People who work for nonprofits or volunteer their time to serve on boards are highly committed, but it takes an experienced steady hand to translate that passion into an impactful organization.

Effective board management is one of the most critical unmet organizational needs we see. We guide you to achieve:

  • Strategic recruitment and orientation of the board members you need.
  • Effective engagement and board guidance of the board members you have.

Executive staff mentoring and coaching helps your organization fulfill its promise by addressing gaps and challenges, and maximizing existing assets.

We excelled the growth of Kairos through board development & staff training. See How This Worked


Strategic Planning & Workshop Facilitation

Getting the high ground in an organization can be tough, but it is essential to attain a vista so that you can see where you are going and why.

Our workshops are fully interactive, not presentational. Whether you are refreshing a current strategic or business plan or starting a new one, our line of four-hour workshops are custom designed to best serve your organization, your situation and your needs. You’ll come away with clear compass points, as well as the organizational priorities for getting there.

We help you identify strategic priorities that are grounded in mission and aimed at vision.

  • MVVP
  • Implementation
  • Power Words/Name Change
  • Project Development
  • Prospect Development Talent Recruitment and Acquisition

Blog: “Slippery Slope

We helped expand a care center for Community Home Health & Hospice through strategic planning and workshops. See How This Worked


Mission & Vision Casting

Who are you, what are you aiming for, and why?

Taking time as a group to develop, refresh and/or affirm clear and compelling mission and vision statements is invaluable.

  • We work as a team with your board and key staff to come to a cohesive understanding of who you are and where you want to be to address the needs of the community.
  • We guide you to articulate and/or review the values and priorities guiding your organization.

We helped create and implement a 10 year vision for Mid-Columbia Health Foundation. See How This Worked


Feasibility Studies & Market Research

Understanding the lay of the land is a critical first step in a successful capital campaign.

Having a third party seek anonymous input from key stakeholders provides invaluable information in the early stages of a campaign. Our studies help you to:

  • Broaden the ownership of the vision and its strategic priorities through market research and front end consultation with those who are critical to your success.
  • Identify and qualify prospective supporter’s interest, concerns and capacity.

We saved The Children Center tens of thousands of dollars and implemented a successful $6.3 million capital campaign. See How This Worked


Capital Campaign Design & Direction

New buildings and new dollars are not what strategic fundraising campaigns are about.

What those facilities and funds will do for an organization — and what in turn the organization can do for its community — should be the center of the discussion. Strategic campaigns are a way for you to connect your mission and vision.

We apply a unique and individually-designed approach to each capital campaign, leveraging public and private strategic alliances where possible. There is no single formula for success, but creativity and resourcefulness are our benchmarks.

  • Designing appropriate cultivation and solicitation strategies.
  • Managing and monitoring success and adaptive planning.
  • Participating as appropriate in strategic level cultivation and solicitation.

At its essence, a strategic campaign comes down to three critical questions. Do you have:

  • A story to tell?
  • People to tell it to?
  • A way to tell it?

At Westby Associates, Inc., we make sure your organization can answer these three questions with a resounding yes prior to any strategic campaign.

We turned around a failing capital campaign to a successful $5.7 million effort for Share Vancouver. See How This Worked

Public-Private Partnerships

Navigating unfamiliar political waters can be daunting.

We have deep experience presenting projects effectively in our state capitals with local elected officials.

Key components of our services include:

  • Political process coaching.
  • Guidance for organizing and conducting impactful outreach and project tours.

We helped attract $4.7 million in federal support to fund necessary vessels and facilities for Clark County Fire and Rescue. See How This Worked


Special Event Management

The details matter. We provide experienced guidance and oversight, start to finish.

Events are time consuming but invaluable for expanding your community reach and profile.  We partner with you to help make your event a true success, from recruiting sponsors and speakers to filling the seats and evaluating impact, and all the steps between. There are all too many opportunities to misstep along the way, and avoiding pitfalls and unpleasant surprises requires experience and attention to detail. We offer event support for any of our clients in combination with feasibility studies and capital campaigns.

We helped CDM Caregiving Services create a branded series of annual special events including “Symbol of Freedom” celebrating veterans. See How This Worked

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