Laying the Groundwork

A 4 part series designed for nonprofits seeking a Capital or Capacity Campaign within 5 years


4 Part Workshop Series

Laying the Groundwork

$180 for 4 Workshops | Lunch Provided

Friday, May 3rd | 12pm-1:30pm

A View From The Top

Mike Westby, President & CEO

Navigating the Board and Executive Director’s roles, responsibilities, and relationships.

  • Embrace productive/creative friction
  • Understand difference between governance and support roles
  • Lead from the middle


Friday, May 17th | 12pm-1:30pm

Project Readiness

Megan Dixon, Associate

Ensuring you’ve done your due diligence before launching your projects.

  • How do you know you have a need?
  • How do you know you have a solution?

Friday, June 5th | 12pm-1:30pm

Three-Legged Stool

Michael Wilson, Senior Associate

Megan Dixon, Associate

Projects are stronger and more sustainable when they attract a variety of support.

Create synergy in your funding model through Foundations, Public Funding, Leadership Philanthropy.

Friday, June 14th | 12pm-1:30pm

Panel Discussion

Mike Westby, President & CEO

Meet local philanthropist and hear their perspective on how projects rise to the top.

*Location: 1053 Officers Row Vancouver, WA 98661

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