20 Questions

Taylor Rost

  1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Conscientious, kind, organized
  2. What was your first job, and what lesson did you take from it that you still use today? The public library in my hometown. I learned that being in a position of public service is extremely rewarding.
  3. Who do you wish you could meet again for the first time? A friend who passed away
  4. What inspires you to do your best work? Believing that I am making a difference
  5. Is there a humanitarian that has left an impression on you? I want to live my life like Jesus.
  6. What is your Enneagram type? Type 3 – The Achiever. The Success-Oriented, Pragmatic Type: Adaptable, Excelling, Driven, and Image-Conscious.
  7. How do you describe what you do for a living to family and friends? I get to support great people and inspiring projects that are seeking to improve services and overall quality of life in their communities.
  8. What could you give a 30-minute presentation about with no advance preparation? Spain—contemporary Spanish history and politics, Spanish cuisine, Spanish music, the Spanish language, and variations in dialect throughout the country, Spanish customs, El Camino de Santiago, travel, and tourism in Spain
  9. What’s one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit? Reading more self-help, inspirational, non-fiction books. Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning.
  10. Where are you in birth order (oldest? middle? youngest?) and do you think it affects your personality? Middle child, thanks for asking; we are often forgotten. ? All jokes aside, yes, I do think it affects personalities.
  11. What do you like about working at WAI? The team. Everyone brings such diverse skillsets to the table and we all work well together. We really are like a family.
  12. What’s the most inspiring part of nonprofit work? The everyday realities: that nonprofit work is making a difference for people daily.
  13. What’s one professional skill you’re currently working to improve? Listening deeply.
  14. Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work? My partner, Garrett.
  15. What personality trait do you most attribute your success to, and why? I become passionate about what I do and what I get involved with. Others can see genuine pride and ownership and how that translates to a job well done. It’s also contagious and inspires others to the vision, leading to a goal or task being most effectively accomplished.
  16. What’s a mistake you made early on in your career, and what did you learn from it? Early on in my career, I learned a lesson about the importance of appropriate communication. I am typically very direct and open with my communication, and while this can be positive, I did have a wake-up call with a negative reaction to my communication and learned that direct, transparent messaging is not appropriate in certain circumstances.
  17. If you could add one thing to WAI office, what would it be? A nap/meditation/yoga room. Some days you just need 15-20 minutes to restore your energy. I’m a firm believer in the power of mediation and a “power nap!”
  18. What’s one of your favorite memories from your career? Getting two promotions in under a year and feeling like my hard work was recognized. This was very motivating, and exciting for me as someone just beginning their professional track.
  19. What are three items you’d take with you to a deserted island? Knowing I am going to die? Wine, chocolate, and bread. Trying to live? Hatchet, lighter, and a large pot for cooking/boiling water.
  20. What’s the best piece of professional advice you’re ever received? Don’t let the fear of no’s, stop you from asking.

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