Melanie Shelton

Melanie Shelton is a Communications Specialist that focuses on marketing and brand strategy. Melanie has knack for developing the story of a brand or company and how to create a marketing and PR [...]


Mike Westby

Following a six-year career out of college as an award-winning sports columnist, Mike has logged over 30 years of experience in the development field with a distinct focus on major gifts and [...]


Patti Westby

I have a deep heart for service.  I love what I do because I have the privilege to be a part of several nonprofits making a huge impacts in their communities. I am very detailed-oriented and [...]


Lisa Capeloto

I work in the non-profit arena to make a difference. A difference in my community, a difference in my State and a difference in my Country. Having been raised in a family that demonstrated the [...]